Sunday, May 29, 2016

Spring Training

Months have come and gone from that first snowy day of snowshoeing (see previous post) but we have all continued to move our bodies in some way. Today we decided it was time to try a small mountain hike up Roundtop Mt in the Kennebec Highlands of Rome. It was a fabulous day. We practiced how to  put on bug dope, how to use poles to help us climb up and down a mountain trail, how to pee in the woods without leaving a trace, and how to just enjoy the beautiful forest flowers.

About 1/2 way up. 

                                                     After our hike at the trail head sign.

Information on this trail can be found here:

When 6 Teachers Decide to Hike a Maine Mountain

       It all began with the reading of, Lost on a Mountain in Maine, by Donn Fendler.

The fourth graders in Maine read this book every year because it tells the amazing story of a young 12 year old boy, Donn Fendler, who was lost for 9 days on Mt. Katahdin back in 1939. Every year a new group of fourth graders fall in love with this story. And every year fourth grade teachers refall in love with this story. 

This year 6 teachers from our school have decided that we want to follow the path of Donn and so many others up this majestic mountain, Mt. Katahdin. 

Mt. Katahdin or, The Greatest Mountain, as the Penobscot call it, is the tallest mountain in Maine. At a little over 5,000 feet tall it isn't nearly as tall as the White Mountains to its west but it's just as majestic. There is no overnight camping up on the mountain so climbers need to climb to the top and  return back down in one day. That's one of the challenges. 

We decided we needed to prepare our bodies for this challenge and we have each exercised in different ways. From snowshoeing together and taking core exercise classes, to training at a gym and doing stairs at school, we have worked to get ready. 

Back in February, 4 of us went snowshoeing. These pictures are from that lovely day behind Inland Hospital. 

4 sets of feet ready to begin our walk.

A lovely snow covered stream that meandered under a bridge.

Aptly named trail

A quick photo to capture a wonderful time together.


You can find information on Inland Hospital's Trails and trail maps here: